Exclusive Wines

Eight Feet wines are crafted with the pure and enduring beauty of balance in mind. In 1997, Pieter Du Toit and his sons made the first Kloovenburg wine as a family. They used their hands to remove berries from the stems and stomped the grapes with their feet to break the skins. This hands-on approach prevails to this day. The Eight Feet vineyards stretch along the lower contours of Kloovenburg farm on the slopes of Kasteelberg, spanning a diverse collection of soils, altitudes and different slopes. Of the farm’s 300 hectares, there are 110 that are under wine grapes, the best 30% of which are reserved for making Kloovenburg’s wines.

Winemaking Philosophy

Nature can only thrive when given the opportunity to do so. Far from merely conserving fauna and flora for the sake of conservation. It is the Kloovenburg team’s intention to safeguard their region’s biodiversity and see that their stewardship of the land preserves it for generations to come.