Eight Feet Coffee

Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed Eight Feet Coffee. Growing up, the du Toit brothers forged an unshakeable bond over countless cups of coffee. As youngsters, they would wake up to the smell of freshly-brewed boeretroos wafting from the kitchen in the early hours of the morning, as their father prepared to make his way into the vineyards and olive groves to tend the land alongside his faithful workforce.

As soon as they were big enough to wield a pair of pruning scissors and till some soil, they were heading out there with him over weekends and holidays, learning how to be custodians of the land themselves. It was there, among the verdant vines and silvery-green olive trees, pouring steaming cups of coffee from a battered old thermos and gazing out over the magnificent Riebeek Valley in utter wonderment, that they developed their enduring love for this place, and appreciation of their place within it. Wine may run in the du Toit blood, but coffee fuels their fire. Eight Feet Coffee is a celebration of small moments of contentment and joy in the midst of the grind. It has been specially selected for effortless enjoyment. So, pour a cup, sit back and do as the du Toits do – take some time to count your blessings.

Eight Feet Trailer

Our coffee trailer is available to rent for corporate events, weddings, fundraisers, and other events. One or two of our baristas will be there to make as many drinks as you need and answer all of your guests’ coffee questions. 

Book Coffee Trailer

Please allow us 24 hours to confirm your booking, if you have not heard from us in 24 hours please send a WhatsApp to 0664056431